QwickWeights was my first app idea before I started to learn programming in order to solve a problem I had encountered while lifting weights at my parents' home gym. 

Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, QwickWeights sets out to aid weight lifters when calculating how many of each available weight plate to add to a barbell in order to reach their target total weight in order to avoid any second guessing. 

Upon opening the app for the first time, the user is shown a guide of how to use the app. Their first step is to enter the weight plates they have and how many are available of each. They can then enter A) the weight of the bar they are using and B) the total weight they want to lift. The app then calculates which plates to use or informs them that the specific weight is not possible with the available weights. The user can choose whether or not to save their list of weights for future uses within the settings page.

The main view also allows for choosing music and controlling playback within the app for the convenience of not having to switch to the music app.