MPG: Multi-Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Tracker

"MPG: Multi-Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Tracker" is a simple app for users to track their historical fuel economy (miles per gallon) every time they fill up their tank. The user can create a list of multiple vehicles and track them individually. At each fill-up, the user will enter A) date, B) mileage, C) gallons, D) total cost. Every time the view is loaded, the app orders fill-ups by date, calculates MPG for each 'trip', and calculates average MPG, average cost per mile, and total cost.

In-app purchases:

  • Ad Free: $0.99 (Tier 1)
  • Pro: $1.99 (Tier 2)


  • Calculated data will only be accurate if the user remembers to enter the data at every fill-up.
  • Calculated MPG per trip will only be accurate if the tank is filled up completely. 

Both of these can lead to negative user experience and must be adequately explained in an FAQ section